Kids Veggie Grazing Tray


  • Greek Yoghurt With Pumpkin Seeds
  • Red Grapes (cut into quarters)
  • Vanilla French Toast
  • Kiwi (thinly sliced)
  • Hard Boiled Egg (cut in half)
  • Fresh Mango (thinly sliced)
  • Buttermilk Pancakes
  • Plum (thinly sliced)
  • Cinnamon Applesauce (see below)


          • 1.5 organic apples (peeled/cored/quartered)
          • 30ml water (use water from pot)
          • pinch of ground cinnamon to taste


                  • Add apples to a stainless steel colander. Put colander in a pot with water (without the colander touching the water).
                  • Boil water on medium heat for about 5 min, or until apples are soft.
                  • Use a fork to mash or blend apples in blender to desired consistency.
                  • Add cinnamon to taste.
                  • Cool in the refrigerator prior to serving.


A veggie grazing platter, or grazing tray can give your little one some control of their food, especially at a time when they are desperate to assert independence in any way that they can.

Also, why not let them get involved?! By helping building their own platter it means they are part of the decision-making which in turn creates more curiosity and investment surrounding the different foods.

Although it is great to build a platter to reflect their own food interests, it is still recommended to try and introduce one or two "new" foods as well that they haven't yet tried or that they may have previously rejected. By doing this you may find that soon, they will happily eat that food as well!

Since our trays come with lids, you can always prep your trays in advance, and refrigerate them for later on in the day.

Talk about convenience!


Never leave your child unattended when serving finger foods (or any other chunky food for that matter). Self-feeding is an exciting developmental milestone for both mom and child, but serving the wrong size or texture of food can put your little one at risk of choking.

Ideal finger foods are those that your child can easily pick up and easily mash between the gums. To prevent allergic reactions it should ideally be foods that your child has already had in purée form.

This finger food tray was served for 12M+.

NOTE: The above recommended age is a guideline only. Always consult your pediatrician before introducing solid food to your baby.