Arts & Crafts - Candle Making
May 07, 2021


    Making candles is a DIY project that anyone can do. It does require a few basic supplies, but it can be a great experience for all ages and this recipe explains the basics so you can just dive in!


    One 24 oz Natural Pillar Wax
    One 2 oz LAB & CO Candle Fragrance Oil
    One Pouring Pitcher
    Wooden wicks and wick clips

    (The appropriate width wick for the Kiddo Feedo Freezer Tray is ¼” wide.)

    All above ingredients can be purchased from Woodenwick (now 'Makesy') - see author signature or click here.

      1. Get your Kiddo Freezer Tray ready by wiping it with a warm, damp cloth.
      2. Attach your wick clips onto your wooden wicks and place one in the centre of each portion, with the clipped side facing down.

      3. Melt the wax by placing it in your pouring pitcher.
      4. Fill a separate pot about 2” with water and warm up on the stove. Do not boil the water.
      5. Place your pouring pitcher into the pot and allow the wax to fully melt.

      6. Add your fragrance.
      7. Once the wax has completely melted, remove the pouring pitcher filled with wax from the stove and pour in your entire 2 ounce fragrance bottle.
      8. Stir in the fragrance for 1 to 2 minutes with a whisk or stirring utensil.

      9. Pour the wax/fragrance mixture into your Kiddo Feedo Freezer Tray, filling each portion to the top.
      10. After the wax has been poured, you may need to adjust your wicks to ensure they stay in the centre of each portion.

      11. Allow your wax to fully cool for 24 hours before moving the tray.

      12. With a pair of scissors or wick trimmers, cut your wicks down until they sit just above the wax, about 3/16” height is best. Carefully pop your candles out of the freezer tray.

      13. Light your mini pillar candles and enjoy.
        Always burn your candles on a heat resistant surface. Pillar candles are best enjoyed on a small wax plate to catch drippings. Discard candle when ¾” wax is remaining. Never burn a candle out of sight and keep away from small children and animals.